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710 King Pen Gelato Cartridges

  • Creamy hybrid
  • Famous for cerebral and body highs
  • Well balanced indica/sativa cross
  • Known for its sweet tastes
  • Perfect for all-around use.

American Hash

Buy American Hash Hashish is the extracted resin from a marijuana plant. Hashish can be sticky or hard, powdery or

Blackberry kush vape cartridge

Blackberry kush vape cartridge THC: 20%, CBN: 2% Blackberry Kush oil is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent,

Blue Dream Oil Vape Cartridges(1 Gram)

It is a Sativa Live Resin. It has a sweet berry aroma which is popular daytime medicine for patients treating

Bubble gum cannabis oil

Bubble gum cannabis oil   THC:60.70%  CBD: 11% Good CBD strains can be hard to come by in the marijuana world.

Bubble hash 

Buy Bubble hash Bubble hash is a special kind of hash that is based on pure trichomes. Unlike traditional hashish

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges 

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges Each strain-specific Vapura cartridge expresses the distinctive cannabinoid and aromatic signature of the plant,

Cali kush oil vape Cartridge

Cali kush oil vape Cartridge Cali Kush Oil Cartridge. Vape Hybrid THC: 81% CBD: 7.01%. Pure One is the best

G Pen Gio Banana Pie

G Pen Gio Banana Pie Humboldt Farms Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics take the cake (or in this case,

G Pen Gio Strawberry Banana

G Pen Gio Strawberry Banana Strawberry Banana  is a delicious hybrid that leans slightly indica in its effects. This soothing