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Blue Buddha strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 19% - 22% APPEARANCE: These buds have medium-sized neon green spade-shaped nugs with translucent amber hairs and a frosty layer AROMAS: Blueberry, Earthy, Fruity FLAVORS : Spicy, Sweet, Tea EFFECTS : Sleepy BEST FOR TREATING: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms,Stress CREATED FEELINGS: I DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and more.

Blue Cheese

RATING: 8.6 TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid THC: Between 16% and 20% CBD: .1% GENETICS: Blueberry x UK Cheese (A Skunk #1 phenotype) APPEARANCE: The nugs are small to average in size and dense. They are covered in trichomes and orange hairs. SMELL: It smells of original cheese, skunk and blueberry. EFFECTS : Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy BEST FOR TREATING: Mood enhancement, Arthritis, Chronic Pain,Depression,Insomnia,Loss of Appetite,Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Blue Crack Strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 24% APPEARANCE: It has a sticky composition with a greenish orange appearance. SMELL: Sweet FLAVORS : Berry, Blueberry, Sweet EFFECTS : Creative, Energizing,Euphoria, Focus, Happy,Relaxing BEST FOR TREATING: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety,Chronic Pain,Depression, Fatigue,Hyperactivity,Inflammation, Insomnia,Migraines, Mood Swings CREATED FEELINGS: A relaxing body buzz DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and a half

Blue Diesel Strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 16% - 23% AROMAS : Blueberry, Diesel,Earthy, Pungent, Sour,Sweet FLAVORS :Berry, Blueberry, Diesel,Sweet EFFECTS : Cerebral, Creative,Euphoria, Happy BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Arthritis,Chronic Pain,Depression, Fatigue,Insomnia, Stress CREATED FEELINGS: A moderate to long-lasting body buzz DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and more

Blue Dream Pre-Rolled Joints

Dosing: Each joint contains 1.5 gram of Cannabis buds ranging from 18% to 30% THC Packaging: Depending on the volume of product ordered and the variety, we use a combination of twist top containers, sealed bags, and everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odorless arrival Storage: Please store your Pre-Rolled Joints in an air tight container in a cold and dry place such as the refrigerator, for maximum longevity

Blue Dream strain

RATING: 9 TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC: Usually between 15% and 22%. APPEARANCE: Blue Dream has a blue hue under the light and dense popcorn-like nuggets. The buds are light green and glisten with trichomes and radiant orange pistils. BEST FOR TREATING: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety,Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain,Depression, Headaches,Inflammation, Nausea,PTSD, Stress CREATED FEELINGS:  Blue Dream hits you with a great full-bodied flavor. Followed by a Euphoric, uplifting and focused high. Blue Dream is great for creativity, a favorite amongst artists. DURATION: Like any strain, the high will vary by quality; usually just around 2 hours.

Medical applications

Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime. medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain. users who suffer from anxiety disorders are not recommended to use this strain as it has a tendency to get ahead of you quickly and could definitely agitate pre-existing conditions. However, because it is super potent it does have extremely beneficial elements. For patients who suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, and lack of appetite. As it is a stimulant at its core, it will undoubtedly lift your mood and get the body moving.
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Blue Fire Marijuana

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 16% AROMAS : Woody FLAVORS : Woody EFFECTS :  Sleepy BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress CREATED FEELINGS: It makes you feel highly euphoric, energetic, calm, happy and a little sleepy. DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around two hours and more

Brain OG strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 22% - 28% AROMAS : Diesel, Earthy, Kush,Lemon, Pungent FLAVORS : Citrus, Lemon, Spicy EFFECTS : Cerebral, Hungry BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, Fatigue,Mood Swings, Stress CREATED FEELINGS: Feelings of relaxation. DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and a half

Bruce Banner Weed



TYPE: Hybrid

THC: 22% – 27.8%

CBD: .07% – .1%

GENETICS: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

APPEARANCE: The plant tends to have a more OG Kush appearance, with dense slightly rounded buds scattered across a somewhat lanky plant.

FLAVORS : Berry, Diesel,Strawberry, Sweet

SMELL: Floral, Berry, Earthy, Diesel, Ginger

EFFECTS : Creative, Energizing,Euphoria, Happy

BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Depression, Headache, Pain and Fatigue

CREATED FEELINGS: The burst of energy produced can be channeled into productivity, making Bruce Banner a daytime option. The second half takes on a more relaxed feel, with more of the clear-headed relaxation that OG Kush is known and loved for.

DURATION: Around 2 to 3 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Strawberry Diesel, OG Kush and Afghan Kush

Bubba OG Strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 15% - 27% APPEARANCE: Bubba OG has small to medium-sized flowers that have a clustered, chunky appearance SMELL: Fruity, Pungent, Spicy,Sweet FLAVORS : Berry, Fruity, Spicy,Sweet, Tropical EFFECTS : Cerebral, Euphoria,Focus, Happy, Sleepy BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, inflammation, nausea, pain, and insomnia CREATED FEELINGS: Smokers feel a sensation of warmth and comfort enveloping the core and limbs DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts many hours.

Buddha Haze Marijuana strain

RATING: 9.4 TYPE: Sativa THC: Between 17% and 25% CBD: .02% GENETICS: Landrace (South Africa) SMELL: Earthy, Herbal, Mango FLAVORS: Chemical, Citrus, Herbal,Spicy, Sweet, Tea EFFECTS :Creative, Energizing,Euphoria, Focus,Uplifting
BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Arthritis,Asthma, Chronic Pain,Depression, Fatigue,Loss of Appetite, PTSD,Stress
CREATED FEELINGS: An energetic high that is very active and great for daytime. DURATION: Buddha Haze  produces a long lasting high.

Butter OG Weed

Butter OG Marijuana Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 20% Buy Butter OG Marijuana Butter OG is a super rare