Buy Top 44 cannabis strain online . Top 44 marijuana strain is a 90/10 Indica marijuana hybrid. Also, the kush was created by Nirvana Seeds. More so, the moderate 8-20% THC count makes this herb fairly easy to smoke. Furthermore, Users should be mindful of the dose to avoid strong couch-lock. Top 44 cannabis grows dense, dark green buds. The nugs are covered with a forest of orange hairs, layers of resin and trichomes. When lit, they give off pleasant aroma of caramel and lemon drop candy. Top 44 marijuana is good for evening and night time use. Buy Top 44 cannabis strain online .

Type of High

Top 44 weed strain induces strong body-mind relaxation and sedation coupled with cerebral euphoria. Also, it Improves mood and creativity. Promotes laziness, couch lock and sleep. More so, it Relieves stress and nausea, controls pain, helps with insomnia. Buy Top 44 cannabis strain online .


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