Buy R-4 marijuana strain online . R-4 weed strain is a balanced marijuana hybrid. Also, the kush is also known as Cindy’s Solution. More so, this cannabis strain is known for extremely high CBD ( up to 40%) and low THC (up to 1%) levels. Thus R4 marijuana has no significant psychoactive effects and does not impair daily activities. Furthermore, the herb has multiple medicinal advantages, most often she is used to relieve pain, control seizures and muscle spasms. In addition, the buds have strong scent of flowers and earth. R4 marijuana is good for day time use. Buy R-4 marijuana strain online .

Type of High

Buy R-4 marijuana strain online. R-4 weed strain induces very mild cerebral euphoria and provides functional high. Also, it Uplifts mood, relieves stress and depression. Followed by weak body-mind relaxation. Controls nausea and pain, alleviates seizures and muscle spasms. Buy R-4 marijuana strain online.


The genetic origins of R-4 (R4) cannabis strain are Wu #1 (a mix of Reclining Buddha and Heartland Cream) and Blueberry Haze. Buy R-4 marijuana strain online. Buy cannabis USA, Buy Marijuana , Cannabis oil for sale, Buy marijuana, Where to buy weed online USA, Also, mail Order weed online USA, THC oil for sale,buy high quality cannabis online, Mail order marijuana online USA., More so, buy marijuana hash online , buy Weed Wax online, online dispensary Shipping USA. Furthermore, buy kush online Australia,buy cannabis online UK,Buy weed online Germany, buy cannabis online with worldwide shipping, mail order weed online with worldwide shipping, 420 mail order USA, Buy Marijuana online USA, buy marijuana online UK, buy marijuana online Australia, legit online dispensary shipping worldwide , online dispensary shipping worldwide reviews, Mail order marijuana online with worldwide shipping, Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping, Legit online dispensary shipping USA , online dispensary shipping worldwide, buy edibles online ,mail order kush online USA, buy marijuana online Europe .

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