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420 Bars Dark Chocolate CBD Bars 

420 Bars Dark Chocolate CBD Bars 420 Bars Dark Chocolate CBD Bars 3 Pack Variety Hybrid Producer:Evergreen Herbal Description: Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (72%

Camino Wild Berry Gummies

Camino Wild Berry Gummies Get in the California state of mind. Also, Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Kiva’s Wild Berry

Candy Watermelon edible

Candy – Watermelon -20pk Hybrid Candy – Watermelon -20pk Variety:Hybrid Producer: Magic Kitchen Description: Potency: 10mg in one candy, 100mg

Canna Butter 1000mg

Canna Butter 1000mg THC Order Canna Butter  1000mg  THC . Now you can make any meal medicated with the amazing

Cannabis Banana Bread 

Cannabis Banana Bread  Put that unhealthy sugar filled loaf back! Green ganja supplies dispensary  now offers Cannabis Banana Bread as

Cannabis Fat Burner Capsules 

Cannabis Fat Burner Capsules Each Cannabis Fat Burning Pill contains Cayenne and Turmeric, which causes the body’s temperature to rise

Cannabis Lollipops 

Buy Cannabis Lollipops online. Our Cannabis Lollipops (Suckers/Hard Candy) taste great and can be sucked on throughout the entire day.

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups

Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups  This classic Cannabis Peanut Butter Cup tastes so similar to the original that it’s hard to

CBD Living Chocolate Bar

CBD Living Chocolate Bar, 99.5% pure CBD, derived from the hemp plant.  It contains no THC and has no psychoactive

Cbd living gummies-300mg

Cbd living gummies-300mg CBD Living Gummies are a convenient, delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD. Each gummy