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Bubba OG Strain

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 15% - 27% APPEARANCE: Bubba OG has small to medium-sized flowers that have a clustered, chunky appearance SMELL: Fruity, Pungent, Spicy,Sweet FLAVORS : Berry, Fruity, Spicy,Sweet, Tropical EFFECTS : Cerebral, Euphoria,Focus, Happy, Sleepy BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, inflammation, nausea, pain, and insomnia CREATED FEELINGS: Smokers feel a sensation of warmth and comfort enveloping the core and limbs DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts many hours.

Bubble gum cannabis oil

Bubble gum cannabis oil   THC:60.70%  CBD: 11% Good CBD strains can be hard to come by in the marijuana world.

Bubble hash 

Buy Bubble hash Bubble hash is a special kind of hash that is based on pure trichomes. Unlike traditional hashish

Buddha Haze Marijuana strain

RATING: 9.4 TYPE: Sativa THC: Between 17% and 25% CBD: .02% GENETICS: Landrace (South Africa) SMELL: Earthy, Herbal, Mango FLAVORS: Chemical, Citrus, Herbal,Spicy, Sweet, Tea EFFECTS :Creative, Energizing,Euphoria, Focus,Uplifting
BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Arthritis,Asthma, Chronic Pain,Depression, Fatigue,Loss of Appetite, PTSD,Stress
CREATED FEELINGS: An energetic high that is very active and great for daytime. DURATION: Buddha Haze  produces a long lasting high.

Butter OG Weed

Butter OG Marijuana Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 20% Buy Butter OG Marijuana Butter OG is a super rare

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges 

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges Each strain-specific Vapura cartridge expresses the distinctive cannabinoid and aromatic signature of the plant,

Buy Ace of Spades marijuana online.

Buy marijuana online. Ace of Spades marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. Also, it is a cross of Black

Buy Alien OG Marijuana online

Buy Alien OG Marijuana online. Alien OG is an out-of-this-world strain with a reputation all its own. This sativa-leaning hybrid

Buy Aloha marijuana online 

Sativa THC: 18% – 24% Buy Aloha marijuana online . Aloha is a 100% pure sativa strain whose genetics are widely

Buy Amnesia Haze marijuana online

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica THC: 20% – 22%, CBD: 1% Buy Amnesia Haze marijuana online. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a

Buy Barefarms Sunset Sherbert Jpod

Buy Barefarms Sunset Sherbert Jpod Online. This jPod contains 1ml of Sunset Sherbert cannabis oil and is compatible with all

Buy Barefarms Wedding Cake Jpod

Buy Barefarms Wedding Cake Jpod Online. This jPod contains 1ml of Wedding Cake cannabis oil and is compatible with all Juul devices.